Partying Keeps Us On Our Toes.

When my great-grandmother, Iran, was a little girl in Tehran, the floor of her house was composed of big gray cold bricks covered by ornate warm woolen Persian carpets of paradise motifs. A glass chandelier hung from a high ceiling. Her home was full of museum-quality antiquities -  specifically blue and white porcelain, glazed pottery, brass ewers, brocaded shawls and miniature paintings of hunting scenes.

  There was one room, though, off limits, except for special guests. Iran was sometimes allowed to go in there with her dolls and play "mehmanbaazi" (“entertaining guests”)  She had the sanctuary all to herself.

Middle-class families during this time, the Ghajar dynasty (1785 to 1925),  had an extra living room where they could fit up to fifty guests. The guest rooms for upper middle-class families could fit up to a hundred.

The everyday living room was used for friends, neighbors and guests who dropped in unannounced. Although people had telephones (with four digit numbers) they were not yet in the habit of calling each other. Guests appeared at all times, turning each day into a party.

The official Ghajar Era-style home parties continue in our home. Our living room is always reserved for parties of anywhere from three to twenty-five (the amount of people we can fit in our chairs). That’s a strong incentive to scrub the house, rearrange and dust the furniture and keep cooking good food.

Here is a party-size exotic veggie cake. The recipe is at the bottom.



南瓜  100g
人参 100g
バナナ 1本
サラダ油 1/2カップ
小麦粉 2カップ
三温糖 カップ3/4
卵  2個
ベーキングパウダー 小さじ2
カルダモン 小さじ1/2
クランベリー 1/2カップ


2 小麦粉、ベーキングパウダー、カルダモンを合せ、ふるいにかけておく。
4 砂糖と油と卵がよく混ざり合ってから、小麦粉を少しづつ加えて、ヘラで切るように混ぜる。
6  ケーキ焼きの器に油を塗り、混ぜ合わせた材料を形に流し込み、平たくのばす。

March 1 2015 神戸、異人館通りの我が家で初めてイベントを開催。ペルシャ食文化のスライドショーを見ていただき、試食、演奏、デザート、トルココーヒーで半日を満喫。一度に25人以上の新しいお客さんが参加。デザートタイムにテーブルに並べた野菜ケーキは、いっぺんに売り切れました。

次回の北野のペルシャホームパーティーをそのうちまた開きます。みなさんもぜひご参加ください!イベント情報 http://anavian.blog.shinobi.jp/

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